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Following its constant concern for education through reading and creativity, FICE Romania (The International Federation of Educative Communities – Romanian Section) organizes The International Festival of Children Books. The event will be held at national and international level between February 15 and April 15, 2013.

The Festival will take place within the context of the International Day of the Book for Children and Youth, the 2nd of April (Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday), offering, in this way, a comprehensive framework for encouraging reading and creativity among children and youth, of promoting books in their world. The event is part of the educational projects of FICE Romania dedicated to books and reading, being developed within the festival “The Joy of Reading”, a national event which celebrates its ninth edition in 2013.
The partners of the event are: the Ministry of National Education of Romania, the School Inspectorates, the Children’s National Palace, the National Pedagogical Library ”I.C. Petrescu”, the Pedagogical and Cultural Publishing Houses Association, the Editors’ Union of Romania, IBBY National Section, the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries, the Town Hall of the 4th District of Bucharest, The Education Tribune, the Romanian Broadcasting Station – News Department.

The International Festival of Children Books is structured into two sections:

I. Reading and Creation
II. Events dedicated to books, reading and creativity

The First Section, Reading and Creation, includes the achievement of different types of works:

1. an essay inspired by the world of books
2. a letter to a favourite character or author
3. an original story
4. drawings, paintings inspired by the world of books
5. school magazines
6. books for children and youth, written by children, youth .

Section II, Events dedicated to books, reading and creativity, comprises:

• Contests on different topics, inspired by the universe of reading
• Carnivals with characters from the world of books
• Meetings with famous writers
• Public readings
• Debates on the reading and book topics
• Dramas
• Poetry readings
• Poetry, Music, Dance – the magic realm of arts

NOTA BENE: The papers and the reports will be written in English.

The list of activities and events is open to further genuine and creative proposals.
Creativity will be the main deciding factor among competitors. The creative ideas, pursued in successful events, will be awarded.

Each participating institution will draw up a final report, illustrated with photos, regarding the events and activities carried out during the festival (Power Point format). The report could be accompanied by a video folder with a selection of the best moments of the events.

The original papers from Section I and the reports from Section II will be sent to the e-mail address: fice.romania@yahoo.com. As for the drawings, paintings, school magazines and books, they can be sent both by mail or by post (Str. Rezonantei, Nr. 2, Scoala 96, sector 4, Bucuresti, Romania – with the specification: FOR THE FESTIVAL).
The deadline for the registration of the participants: February 15, 2013. The registration will be made on the e-mail address fice.romania@yahoo.com

Upon registration, participants will specify their identification data, organization, country, as well as the papers and events they will carry out during the festival.

Deadline for receiving the works from Section I: March 24, 2013.
Deadline for receiving the reports from Section II: April 20, 2013.

Between March 25 and April 2, exhibitions will be organized in Bucharest, displaying drawings, paintings, magazines and books of the participants, as well as images taken from the events carried out during the festival. In the same period, a special commission will evaluate the works and reports.

At the ending of April, the Awarding Festivity will take place, in Bucharest.

Diplomas and prizes will be awarded for each category of original paper from Section I and for the activities and events held in Section II. The prizes and diplomas will be awarded on different age categories. Excellence prizes, special prizes, surprise- prizes will be also awarded during the festivity.

On FICE Romania site, www. ficeromania.org, a special section, entitled “The International Festival of Children Books”, will be created, where the best works, events, outcomes, winners and prizes will be posted.

Professor TOMA MARES

Associate Professor SORIN IVAN, PhD
Vice-president FICE ROMANIA

Director of Festival