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CONGRESS 2013 IN BERN (SWITZERLAND)- 8.-12. October 2013 Bern, Switzerland

The focus of the congress 2013 is on the discussion of the aims and concepts of inclusion and the challenges these pose for experts and for society. Besides analytical descriptions and pedagogical concepts, actual practical models claiming to have achieved the goals of inclusion will be presented and discussed, especially those related to education, culture, and economy.
The contributions illuminate the multi-faceted living environment of the persons concerned, the legal framework, the organisational structures, the quality development, the professional strategies as well as the schooling and training of the specialists.

Keynote Speakers
Friedhelm Peters, Germany
“Die Idee der Inklusion – historische und systematische Annäherungen” (The Notion of Inclusion; Historical and Systematic Approaches)
Jean Zermatten, Switzerland
“Prendre l’enfant comme un acteur de sa vie, même dans les circonstances les plus diffi-ciles” (Accepting the child as an actor of his or her life, even under the most difficult circumstances)
Melinda Nadj Abonji , Switzerland
Reading from her award-winning book, “Tauben fliegen auf” (Falcons without Falconers)
Speaker of the Youth-Practice-Exchange
Findings and Messages from Involved Persons

Please find attached a file with more information.

CALL FOR PAPERS-http://www.fice-congress2013.ch/en/call-for-papers/

Official deadline for the submission of abstracts was end of 2012. Following requests of persons interested in the Congress, it is still possible to enter abstracts. Depending on the level of programming we will decide whether your contribution may still be included. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

To submit a contribution:

Log in
Go to Abstract Submission and follow the instructions on the site
On page Member you can check your contribution.

Ways of inclusion - a challenge for all of us!

New opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth?

All over the world children and teenagers grow up under difficult conditions such as poverty, violence, disability, discrimination and so on. Diverse institutions, organizations and institutions - of projects for street children, about traditional children's homes and Disabled offers to institutions of juvenile prisons - working with support and care forms that allow affected children and youth participation in society and enable them. FICE as an international society for educational assistance understands their job is to accompany this practice and encourage critical. In the center of the Congress 2013 is an examination of the objectives and concepts of inclusion and related technical and social challenges. Models of practice, specifically including those relating to education, culture and economy, the company can claim redeem inclusion policy objectives will be presented and discussed.

Congress targets

Further develop technical knowledge of the participants with regard to the extended participation of disadvantaged children and young people
Insights into the current situation of children and young people with presentations of best practices, future perspectives and visions of the Congress theme
Networking of existing and promote new initiatives in favor of participation and inclusion of children and youth
Contribute to clarification of concepts and content, opportunities and risks for the congress theme at the international level and working out a common understanding and knowledge in the FICE International Congress on topic
With appropriate communication, possibly with exhibitions, the design of the conference days in Berne and a shared vision to the congress theme to a wider audience can be brought closer
Target Congress

Members of the sections and the FICE FICE International worldwide
Experts in the practice, teaching, research, education, trade associations and public authorities dealing with children's rights and the non-family upbringing. Specifically addressed are also specialists in working with children and adolescents with very striking and delinquent behavior, with disabilities, migrant and of those affected by poverty
Adolescents and adults as patients and their own experiences


The tradition of FICE congresses following the experiences and ideas of young people are given an important role. The project International Youth Exchange provides practical experiences and encounters of children, young people and staff from projects and institutions working with concepts of participation and inclusion. The exchange will take place over the long term is a virtual platform and selectively in front of a two-week camp and 2013 during the congress.

Targets youth-practice exchange

Exchange experiences and look for similarities and differences
Concepts develop together
Message for the congress, and the public work
Work in a two-week meeting together and leisure fashion
Networking and long-term work
Target group: youth-practice exchange

To participate in the virtual platform children, young people and people from projects, institutions and organizations with experience of participation and inclusion in all different fields of desired education outside the family. Those interested can apply through the regular conference website in the project team or be requested directly. The decision for participation by the project team, after obtaining at least a reference like.

To participate in the camp also formal criteria such as travel opportunities, care needs and availability will be taken into account of the entry permit. Good English skills are necessary for at least a part of each delegation.
Interested in politics, business and public

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