Leonardo Project is a project, coordinated by FICE Holland, in a partnership with FICE Bulgaria, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary and it develops between October 2006- October 2008.

            The project proposes to train directors from care institutions.

            The meeting of projects partners took place in November in Budapesta. There were discussed here the tasks and there were established the strategies of development of the project, in order to achieve the goals and the tasks from the project.

            FICE Romania has already done the questionnaires for the needs assessment, which was sent to be approved and it was appreciated. We mention that it was discussed first with the Romanian specialists. Now we are waiting for the unique questionnaires to be realised. This will be applied in all the participants countries.

            In January the questionnaires will be applied in many care institutions from the country. Babes University from Cluj will assure the training at the national level- depending the needs- of 30 directors, who will be recruited by FICE Romania. Other 8 directors will be recruited in order to be trained- together with others from different countries- in this way: 4 in Cluj and other 4 in Bulgaria- in order to have exchanges.

The recruitment of participants will take place till March and it will be done bz FICE Romania.


The project “Together against school violence”


FICE Romania is currently developing the pilot project “Together against school violence” for sustaining the regional networks (FARD), component of the program “Procopil”. This has been imposed by the growth of school violence phenomena to a worrying level. The purpose of the project is the awakening to the risks that aggressive behaviour has on the development and social integration of children and teenagers.

The project addresses children from Teleorman county. The activities comprised in the project have the goal of forming a school network militating against violence through preventive actions.

The objective is informing 5000 children and adolescents from 10 schools, as well as parents, on the risks of violence; involving 500 teachers in preventive actions, preparing a study on the causes of violence in school and of the ways of preventing it. Indirectly, all the pupils, teachers and parents from Teleorman county will be involved.

The expert team working on the project is made out of 4 psychologists, a sociologist and a pedagogue. Partners to the project are experts from countries with related experience: France, Netherlands. Finland, Norway, Germany.

FICE Romania collaborates for the project with the several N.G.O.s and with the Scholar Inspectorate of  Teleorman county, which assures the participation of the schools. Following the model of similar experiences in the Occident, the preventive actions start from preschool ages. There are actions addressing children, families and teachers.

On the basis of the regularly good cooperation between FICE Romania and papers, radios and tv stations, the project is promoted. The results will be abstracted into a final seminary which will present the obtained results, which will identify ways of extending preventing activities. The members of the school network will meet and will set new directions for continuing the pilot project and for gaining new members to the preventing network.


FICE Romania projects:


 PROJECTS - THE DAY CENTRE - For children in difficulty

 PROJECTS - Say NO to School and Family Abandonment!

There were founded Day Centers in Bucharest, Pitesti, Limpedea.

Programme launched by:
"The International Federation of the Educational Communities " (FICE) - Romania and "Feed the children"
The poverty and the problems from home determine children to abandon school.
We are offering a solution: the opening of "The Day Centers" in schools
Beneficiaries: children with ages between 7 and 16 years
· emerging from families with psychological, social and economical difficulties, presenting a high risk for school abandonment;
· deprived of supervison (with no parents, raised by grandparents, ailing or uneducated parents, etc).
· lunch;
· doing lessons;
· occupational therapy activities;
· psychological support (for children and parents);
· counseling
· city halls · district departments for child's protection · school inspecting departments · schools
· daily newspapers: "Adevarul", "Curierul National"
· national television programs: TVR 1, ANTENA 1 and The Romanian Radio Society
We count on you to join us !

Our programme started in the following districts:
· Arges · Buzau · Iasi · Vaslui · Vrancea ·
· Bucharest ·

FICE Romania - objectives and activities program

Older FICE Romania projects:

Program for the assistance of children with hepatic diseases, ophthalmic diseases and AIDS

- humanitarian project aiming at interactive intervention with prevention purposes targeting school children with a high risk of delinquency: its objective is to contribute to the improvement of relationships within the family and the optimization of the relationships between parents, children and school;

"Know and decide" !
- program for early prevention of drug consumption among teenagers:

Initiation of "The Foster Homes Week"  which will annually take place in the week preceding 1 June (comprising exhibitions around the country and other cultural and artistic events);

Training programs for the staff of public institutions with responsibilities in the field, organization of exchanges and courses of practical professional training in our country and in foreign countries.

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